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Introduction to VaporFi

VaporFi continues to lead in the vape industry as one of the top brands creating excellent products, as well as carrying a full selection of the best products from the world’s top manufacturers. We are impressed with everything this company offers, from the thousands of vape juices available to the superior assortment of options available for every level of vaper. They offer free shipping on all orders, with no minimums, there are constantly sales and specials happening on their site, and the e-liquids boast some of the highest standards to be found anywhere in the world.

A Look at the Top 5 VaporFi E-Liquids

This company has it down to a science in regards to what vapers want and need in their lives and they are more than happy to supply it. Here is a look at the top 5 vape juices currently available from VaporFi and why you’re going to want to be savoring these flavors ASAP!

VaporFi GRND RSRV Cloud Candy

Candy-flavored clouds are exactly what this flavor calls to mind and we couldn’t agree more! If you want your vape clouds to taste profoundly like candy, this is the flavor to do it! Sweet, fruity, and airy, this taste is the result of a combination of gummy bears and cotton candy and the overall vaping is mighty fine. Additionally, we have to give a shoutout to VaporFi for the whole GRND RSRV line of juices; these are some of the best in the market and some of the highest quality liquids available anywhere. Delicious doesn’t even begin to describe it!

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VaporFi Deep Fried Apple Pie Vape Juice

There are lots of apple and apple dessert blends out there as far as vape juices are concerned but none really nail the taste better than this one. Deep Fried Apple Pie Vape Juice is more intense, richer, and more flavorful as a result of its interesting profile. Warm spiced apples wrapped in a buttery crust, then deep fried for maximum effect is a taste unlike any other. It’s both comforting and crave-worthy, surely an all-day-vape for anyone who loves the taste of apples.

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VaporFi Joosy Vape Juice

Like the name says, this flavor is juicy! It’s a mouthwatering bubblegum flavor blended with a range of the juiciest fruit flavors for a very delicious experience. Bubblegum is always a top choice for vaping because of its airy taste, but when paired with the succulent essences of strawberry, kiwi, and watermelon, the overall sensation is very much juicy; or should we say Joosy?! It’s awesome and absolutely one of the best liquids out there; an added plus is that VaporFi sells this one in 100ml quantities, enabling you to get more bang for the buck!

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VaporFi GRND RSRV Rainbow Custard

Our second GRND RSRV juice on the list, this flavor offers a sweeping array of flavors, blending bright, juicy citrus with smooth, vanilla-laced cream. It’s totally refreshing but also has a dessert-like smoothness, allowing you to savor the pleasure of a creamsicle taste with layers of silky cream. It’s a sweet one alright!

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3 Pack Sampler

This one is all about YOU and it is, in my opinion, the best option for trying new flavors. The 3-Pack Sampler offers three flavors, each in a 10ml bottle, prepared to your exact specifications. As a sampler, it’s the perfect way to try a variety of flavors without having the shell out the big bucks for standard size bottles (which may create waste if you don’t love every flavor). 10ml is the perfect size to explore the many flavors awaiting you in VaporFi’s massive collection, while you also have the option to try out custom blends in the sampler pack as well. All the power is in your hands with this one; it is an absolute must for anyone who takes flavor to heart.

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