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Does it appears that VaporFi is tooting its own horn with regard to its e-juice selection? If so, it comes by the self-celebration honestly. They are eager to support American, or more precisely, the United States economy.

And their e-juice – the liquid that carries the nicotine – is made here at home.

Determined to be the industry leader in e-juice, the company is eager to please, and wants vapers to come up with flavor ideas to test their limits. So far, we haven’t heard of any limits in flavor combinations.

Now, perhaps “banana mint” might not float your boat (it certainly does nothing for me personally). However, if you want it, I’m guessing that they’ll make it for you. (If you are game to try it, please come back and let us know how it went!)

To see how to create your own e-juice blend at VaporFi: Click Here

Why not just make my own juice?

You may wonder why, if the company can mix and match flavors, why can’t you just buy a bunch of bottles of e-cig juice and do it yourself?

While this is, at first glance, a valid question, you need to keep in mind a few important considerations, them being:

  1. quality control,
  2. laboratory equipment and skills,
  3. FDA (yeah… you know, the Food & Drug Administration) registration, which the average Joe just can’t obtain,
  4. safeguarding children by packaging the product in child-proof bottles, and
  5. a plethora of other points that are critical to maintaining product integrity, and probably more importantly, human safety.

In other words, as tempting as it might be to make your own e-juice, the old “Don’t try this at home” caution is one worth heeding. Have we made that clear enough? If not, let us repeat ourselves: Let professionals create your e-juice. This way, you and those who may be vulnerable stay safe and get a product that passes strict industry standards. Only purchase e-juice from a well-known and trusted source.

What Makes VaporFi E-Juice So Special?

Now that we have taken care of that, let’s look at a few other things VaporFi e-juice is specially noted for.

We already mentioned the FDA registered facility. But in the “can you top this” category, we can also add that they use USP Grade Kosher ingredients. And the formulas themselves are registered with the FDA. In other words, they are not hiding behind their secret sauce.

There is another point that perhaps we should have mentioned earlier when we were ticking off all the reasons to not attempt to create e-juice on your own. It’s well-known that the base of the liquid is a glycerin, but one thing that may not be as evident is that not all glycerins are created equal.

Glycerin Only from Top Quality Soy

One thing we did not know until becoming fans of VaporFi e liquid was that their glycerin is sourced from high quality soy. One thing we learned is that by using glycerin sourced from soy means that there is far less possibility of triggering a peanut allergy attack.

The more important thing to note is that they state on their website that these liquids are designed to be vaporized and inhaled. Yeah, duh… we get that. But, how many people really think about this? If you are going to inhale something, don’t you want to know what’s in it? You might come back and say, “Yeah, but for years, I inhaled tobacco smoke and have no clue what’s in tobacco smoke either.”

And to that we say, “That’s exactly our point.”

While there are a few other important points that VaporFi makes regarding their e-juice, another thing caught our eye. It is diacetyl-free. Now, why is this important, and…

What IS diacetyl anyway?

Why is this something to be concerned about?

Simply put, diacetyl is that fake-butter flavor that is in numerous foods. Probably the most recognized use for this junk is in microwave popcorn. There are many reasons to stay away from chemicals in food, we all know that. But in this particular case, diacetyl is known by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), to cause serious lung damage.

Don’t take my word for it; head over to the CDC site here to learn more for yourself.

Is that enough to convince you to be wary about where you get your e-juice? Does it give you a little more understanding as to why VaporFi is so well-respected? If not, then check out this CBS report about diacetyl, where experts are saying that the chemical is being linked to Alzheimer’s disease.

Diacetyl is just nasty stuff.

Putting together everything that VaporFi has disclosed about their e-juices is enough for us to give it a big thumbs-up. And that was even before they had their Flavor Blend of the Month Club. I believe we’ve made our point.

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