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RipTide is an edgy vape brand that is blasting onto the vape scene. The RipTide name has become synonymous with cutting edge-technology that addresses the needs and wants of their vaping community. Their products boast ingenious designs and numerous styles. RipTide products can elevate your vape game to a whole other level. Their recent launch of the Riptide Ripstick is yet but another example of why RipTide is becoming a vape-industry leader, and as always, Direct Vapor is leading the way by getting this into their lineup right away. (UPDATE! Video review below!)

RipTide: What’s in a Name?

RipTide RipStick Vape PodMany vaping companies emerge on the scene promising the latest and greatest that the vaping world has to offer. Many of these companies fizzle out, but some have proven they are here to stay; RipTide is one such company as they have become leaders in innovation. They keep their promises to their customers by delivering on vaping products that feature innovative design, ease of usability, and ultimate vaping enjoyment.

RipTide products are known to be ideal for those new to the vaping world due to their affordability and user-friendly designs. Experienced vapers, however, also lean towards the RipTide products for the reliable and pleasant vape experience they have become known for.

The RipTide Ripstick

The cornerstone of the RipTide vaping line is the RipTide Ripstick: a high-quality pod-based vaporizer that makes the vaping experience as simple as it could be with their disposable cartridges.

The brand’s no-mess no-fuss marketing is exemplified by the RipStick. Its simple design features an effective 380mAh battery that provides more than enough juice to power the vape. There are no time-consuming vape adjustments or settings to fiddle with, making the vaping experience as simple and enjoyable as possible.

The RipStick is also designed with portability in mind. For those who are on the move, the RipStick can be easily slid into a purse or pocket for easy storage and access. The battery can be charged with a micro USB so the next vape is just a short charge away.

The RipStick provides vapers with the ultimate smooth vaping experience. The neutral taste the vape delivers is ideal to maximize on the many cartridge flavors there are to choose from. Every product that is introduced by the RipTide line seems to excel over the last, making RipTide a name to look out for in the vaping industry.

RipTide Disposable Vape Pods

What also makes the RipTide super desirable for those wanting a simple and easy vape experience are the RipTide disposable vape pods. The RipTide has an impressive series of high-quality pre-filled e-liquid cartridges so your next vape is simple ready to load.

Thanks to NicTech technology, RipTide has designed a series of pods that deliver on two fronts: super vape quality and unparalleled flavor. With 1.4 ml of e-liquid, each cartridge carries an ample supply of your favorite flavor. Some of the most popular flavors include blue raspberry, mind, berry crunch, bright leaf tobacco and tropical. The different flavors have varying nicotine strengths for an easily customizable vape experience.

RipTide Ripstick Features

• Sleek design
• Portable
• Disposable cartridges
• No complex vape settings
• User-friendly
• Ideal for novices and pros
• Wide range of e-liquid flavors and nicotine strengths

Vaping has exploded in popularity over the last decade. To the point where it’s sometimes rarer to see someone smoking an actual cigarette than puffing on a vaporizer, the vaping industry has really developed and evolved over the years. From cumbersome vaporizers with not a lot of flavor options, brands like RipTide have emerged to give the vaping community exactly what they crave: a simple, tasty, safe, affordable, and smooth vape experience.

Whether people turn to vaping out of a desire to adjust their nicotine levels or for the new vaping experience, giving the RipTide Ripstick a chance is a solid move. There is a reason the RipTide name is starting to set the vaping industry standard as it has become synonymous with ingenuity, innovation, and uncompromising flavor experiences few other vapes can compete with. Check the video review we found – we put it just below this article.

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Introducing the RipTide Ripstick
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