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Lots of things start in September. For kids, this is when they return to school and parents can breathe again. Department stores start promoting Christmas because they were selling Halloween stuff as early as late July. Companies selling anything they hope will make it to Christmas wish lists are releasing all sorts of items, from clothes and shoes to chocolate, sports gear, and technology. That goes for vaporizers too. The latest item from Exxus will go on sale in September: their new Mini.

The Exxus Mini Vape

Currently, participating retailers are fueling anticipation among fans of the Exxus line and also new customers enthralled by the increasingly tiny sizes of portable vaporizers. They wonder, and rightly so, if smaller products are losing something when it comes to their performance. Exxus doesn’t think so. They believe the Mini will be big this Fall and beyond. It’s got a few things other mods don’t have or which are unusual at this price point.

Digital Device

Exxus Mini Vaporizer by Exxus Vape coupon codeFirstly, it is a digital machine with a display screen. Yes, there are others like the Davinci Ascent, but not at a price like this. A cost of $110 buys an herbal vaporizer which is controlled using a bright screen featuring two adjustment buttons, one at either end of the display. This allows you to be very precise within the range supplied which goes as high as 430F so you don’t burn herbs. Vapers are buying technology advancement made to look extremely simple and it really is easy to operate.

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Anodized Chamber

The heating chamber is made from anodized material which ensures durability just in case you drop this mobile unit. You won’t be waiting long to vape either: 25 seconds to reach the full 430F, and heating is said to be uniform. Exxus customers will find their herbs are heated through to the very center and all around, not just at the edges. You get a mini vape that heats up on a tiny amount of time and doesn’t waste your dry plant material.

Really Mini

When I say “mini,” I mean really small; the smallest you have seen. An Exxus Mini Vaporizer measures only 4 x 1 inches. Technology is such that manufacturers can cram a lot of electronics into a smaller space, so all you need to make room for is your material and a small battery which is built into the device already. That also takes up less room than a removable cell. With a rechargeable device so tiny you can take your vaping machine anywhere, tuck it into any pocket, and might even forget it’s in your hand, so light is the aluminum frame of black or silver.

New Shape

In spite of the innovative designs floating around, Exxus keeps things simple which is original in itself. The Mini is narrow and short with a soft top that adopts a mounded shape, like a little hill. This silicone mouthpiece feels good against your mouth. Inside, a special design prevents hot, bitter hits by cooling vapor down. When it heats up, this releases flavor which remains even as the temp drops towards your lips.

Buying the Exxus Mini Vaporizer

The Mini is a one-piece unit except for the removable mouthpiece. A chamber is built in, so all you need to receive from Exxus are cleaning supplies, a charger, and instructions. These are all packaged neatly in a handy gift box, included in the price.

Exxus Mini
More from Exxus

If you like the Mini and want to know more about Exxus, they have been operating for a long time. The catalog of Exxus devices includes a portable dry vaporizer, colorful eGo batteries and clearomizers for e juice, and vaping technology for concentrates. Find affordable Exxus products wherever you can buy quality vaporizers online and in brick-and-mortar vape stores.

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The New Exxus Mini Vaporizer: A New Breed Of Portable
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