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Loki’s new Touch mod is a wonderful, compact little unit all in black, like that sleek shirt or dress in your closet. This agile mod isn’t for just one sort of vaper or another but can supply the needs of two vaping styles in one device. That’s not what sets it apart, however. Here’s the full scoop on the Loki Touch portable vaporizer before it’s launched for real.

Touch Screen Magic

Loki Touch by Loki Vaporizers VapesYou’ve never seen a digital touchscreen vaporizer before, so someone had to invent it. Loki obliged, supplying oil and herb vapers with the ability to precisely control their experience with one button and a big bright display. It’s the natural way to go; everyone has a Smartphone. Vapers young and old are accustomed to touching screens. Although other touchscreen mods have been released for use with e-liquid, they aren’t all-in-one products like the Loki Touch. (Note: Click the image to go to the product page, and then use the GotVape.com coupon code: LT15 to save 15% during the pre-buy period)

All-in-One Vaping

What I mean is you don’t attach a chamber to a battery and then take them apart like you do with some vaporizers. In the case of Loki’s new unit, the chamber is protected behind a durable black façade. Clean this part out regularly and the mouthpiece besides so you enjoy fresh vapor every day, not stale vapor affected by leaving bits of herbs or oil around where they don’t belong.

Top Temp

The Loki Touch will take you to a high point of 440F which is about as high as you want to go with herbs anyway. Accurately set this value anywhere along its entire range. This allows you to prevent burning herbs, but give yourself time to experiment with the temperature. Every product is different and what worked with one vaporizer might not work here. Heating takes only 30 seconds. That’s amazingly quick and convenient for anyone on a vape break of just 15 minutes before heading back to work.

In the Groove

Loki mentions heat grooves in the top of the oven or above the tough ceramic oven, I’m not sure which. These are supposed to enhance flavor and cause heat to flow smoothly. A heat glove enhances heat retention and economy. Cleaning is simple, thanks to a pass-through oven. Try to imagine this system as opposed to the pass-through charging/vaping style. Here, “pass-through” is all about easy cleaning, something you want to spend as little time doing as possible.

Battery Life

After recharging the cell built into this Loki device, it should last up to 3 hours, certainly that long when brand new if you take care of it. Continuous vape time is 45 minutes. Automatic shut-off is a bonus that protects the battery’s life and also prevents overheating caused by negligence or forgetfulness. Don’t waste your herbs or the cell and spend less money vaping. If you were a smoker now switching to herbs, it’s possible to create a cheaper alternative method of nicotine delivery just by being careful this way, before the built-in chip has to turn this vaporizer off for you after five minutes.

So Small

A stealthy vape catches the vaper’s eye ironically enough, and this is a discrete, tiny device. It measures just 5 inches by 1.5 inches, so will fit right inside a pocket or can be enclosed in a person’s hand easily. Its sleek, soft build is also comfortable to hold.

Customer Satisfaction

Loki aims to please. Let them know how you feel, good or bad. If there is a problem, they want to hear about it before you advertise your distaste on Facebook. Give them a chance to show how much customers matter. That is, let them know if there is trouble. There’s a good chance there won’t be. Pre-order this affordable handheld vaporizer for use with oils and herbs before too many other people get there first.

Get Your Loki Touch: pre-buy price will be only $135.99 w/ coupon code: LT15 (saves you 15% off the list price of $159.99!)

Buy It: https://www.gotvape.com/loki-touch-vaporizer-by-loki-vape.html

The Loki Touch Vaporizer
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