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A new vaper is looking for simplicity and an experience that bears some resemblance to smoking. Even a tubular shape as opposed to a box mod will help a new vaper make the switch from cigs to e cigs as tubes are more ergonomic, although beginners will have to get used to holding something heavier and potentially larger in their hands. Cigalikes are not a necessary starting point, even though they look even more like cigarettes than eGos do. This article showcases the best eGo starter kits for new vapers, items that are really simple to use.

Simplicity is…

Lighting the end of a cigarette is the easiest way to go, but since a vaper has committed to giving up these death sticks, simplicity has to be redefined. A no-button system, then, would be the easiest, but manual batteries aren’t as scary as one might imagine. They are more efficient than automatic batteries but less complicated than regulated devices. There is no screen on an eGo; nothing to distract or alarm a vaper. Ease the transition even more with a starter kit, a cartomizer or clearomizer already included. Better still, the battery is built into your base so you don’t even have to figure out which ones fit the system. You have to replace coils, but will be producing real vapor which is the purpose of a vape system.

1. Joyetech eGo A10 D16

Smaller than the original, this all-in-one tube mod by Joyetech produces an unimposing profile and lots of attractive colors. It is narrow in your hands and powerful enough at 1500mAh without being scary-powerful. The tank sunk into your battery base holds 2 ml of e juice and is refilled at the top. Recharge using a cable and a USB port since the battery stays in place all the time. The Cubis tank which holds your e juice is of superior quality with its leak-resistant design (like a miniature tumbler) using 0.6-ohm coils. That’s a sub ohm level that will enable your mid-powered battery to reach about 40W or 50W max.

2. Innokin iTaste CLK iClear Set

It looks like a modest e cig, but the iTaste CLK is more powerful than you would expect. It’s a variable voltage device. Don’t worry, that does not require a degree in ecig-ology to understand. All you are doing is varying voltage through the normal range in order to create uniform performance. Anyone can turn a dial. The CLK kit comes in lots of sporty colors and allows you to vape while charging, a feature called pass-through vaping. Brightly colored LED lights indicate the status of your battery. Innokin adds one of their narrow, low-resistance iClear 16D dual coil clearomizers to the 800mAh CLK which also contains built-in protection against a short-circuit and other disasters.

3. Joyetech eGo One

While double power is available, new vapers should start with 1100mAh for beginners. It’s closer to the size of a real cigarette but silver, so you won’t fool anyone. The tank included with this set allows for adjustable airflow and works with 0.5 or 1-ohm coils so you could be chasing clouds. Protection is built in to the battery in case power gets out of hand or extremes are detected, like too little resistance or too much heat.

4. Kanger Subvod Starter Kit

The EVOD gets an upgrade with Kanger’s Subvod. This mod is similar, available in numerous shades, but it features the large 1300mAh battery. Like the newest EVOD, there is also a top-fill tank, but the Toptank is equipped with sub ohm coils. The Subvod’s 0.4-ohm coil will definitely make some impressive clouds if you ensure the e juice in your tank is up to it; something thick. Kanger’s battery is protected against a short circuit, low resistance, and other problems indicated by a flashing light. The Toptank is so named because you refill from the top with up to 3.2 ml of e liquid. Adjust airflow if you want to learn how to personalize the way you inhale.

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