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You vape, so you need e juice on a regular basis. Try to be as economical about it as you like, but purchases from local stores or online, one bottle or sample pack at a time, are still costly and the routine gets boring.

Moreover, with so much selection, aren’t you tempted to use the same e juices over and over just because you know what to expect? A part of you is eager to try something new but you feel like a kid in a candy shop, only that kid is freaked out by the abundance of selection.

A Better Way

Here’s a more enjoyable method of purchasing most of your e juice: purchase a subscription. If you already have your needs sorted, do this for a loved one. It’s a great gift idea for yourself or someone you love.

Monthly subscriptions are based on e juice volume so you could see them organized as “1-2 bottles” or “4-5 bottles” per month, etc. Bottles aren’t all the same size. You will receive at least the minimum volume of e liquid and a minimum variety of flavors in that monthly delivery as per your order.

Savings Calculator

Prices vary, but gourmet juice of the same volume tends to be priced the same at each retailer unless it’s considered very special or is organic. Still, when the business says you save this or that percentage per box, it’s an average based on usual pricing. The more you buy at one time, the higher your savings will be.

How to Arrange a Subscription

Most firms organize things in the same way. You are asked a number of questions so the firm can narrow down a selection of hundreds or even thousands of e juices they could include in your box. Tell them what you like and what you don’t like plus a preferred nicotine value.

Indicate your vaping level and any allergies. Now select your package, sit back, and wait. Surprises are in store but not too many; you won’t receive anything you said was an outright no-no. E cigs and tanks are optional extras.

Best Subscription Companies

As the industry grows, so do your options in this regard. Most of them allow you to truly and fully customize your order and make this process as simple as possible. Usually you only create an account after going through the selection process, a way of showing a new customer what to expect before he hands over personal details.


They were among the first and remain one of the best e juice subscription firms around. Book a 3, 6, or 11-bottle package, achieving up to 70% off retail prices with the last of these. There are over 2,000 flavors to choose from and Zamplebox has fulfilled more than 100,000 orders to date, shipping thousands of bottles of American e liquid to their customers including international clients.

Some of their familiar brands are Kilo, Cyber Liquids, and Cosmic Fog. Newer ones are Ono Kine, Stellar, and Low Key. You can name a specific flavor as well as indicating profiles that do or do not suit your tastes.


Choose from 5 plans containing up to 6 bottles and 90 ml of vapor juice per box. They ask you if you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced vaper. Newer vapers gravitate towards heavier throat hit, tobacco and menthol, and PG-heavy liquids for regular coils.

As you become more advanced, your VG levels will rise and it’s likely you will be interested in more complex flavors. Select at least two favorites from 18 possible styles including one marked “surprise me.” Vapers are also invited to mention brands they like.

Vape Box

You need to create an account first, but once you have that sorted out, go ahead and do the same things as above. Indicate flavor preferences and a nicotine level. Tell them how much VG you want. Some of their brands are Bad Drip, Coil Master, 13th Floor, and 3rd Degree.

Monthly Surprises From The Best E Juice Subscriptions
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