Top Online Vapor Stores Of 2019

These are the best vape shops selling their wares online this year, and there are very good reasons why we trust them above others. Their selection and service are excellent. Websites exceed our expectations of what a good website should look like. As of this JULY 2, 2019 update, there are exciting things in the works! For example, check out our new VapeWild listing below – They have an extremely innovative way to really engage their customers. And, when it comes to Direct Vapor, you may be interested to know that they are now carrying CBD liquid!

For just one example, if you haven’t taken advantage of the deals over at the popular e-liquid brand VaporFi going on right now, please hurry to the site (HERE) to see what’s going on these days. We will be adding some additional information about their British sibling, VaporFi UK as well (which is getting rave reviews for their Short Fills).

In addition, since we mention e-liquid, VapeWild shows no sign of slowing down in their ever-creative efforts to produce some exceptional liquids. More on all this coming up in the rundown below!

With the exception of VaporFi UK, these are all US stores, so when you have a question about something, a real person is right there during regular business hours to help you out. Most sites support live chat too and their social media presence provides another way to stay in touch and join a real vaping community. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the top 5 online vape shops.

Best Vape Shops Online In 2019

Direct Vapor

DirectVapor continues to top our list in 2019, especially given that they (along with VaporFi, South Beach, and Vapor Beast) are now part of Turning Point Brands (TPB), one of the largest vape companies in the world. At Direct Vapor they promise to meet or beat any price you see on the internet. In fact, they offer a price matching guarantee because this firm is totally confident in their fair pricing. They made an arrangement to be the main dealer for many brands plus volume orders that translate into low-cost electronics for their customers.

Another way to save money, apart from taking advantage of free shipping, is to buy a bundle which has been built for you. Bundles are cheaper than items purchased separately. Their brands include SMOK, Sigelei, and Eleaf.

Some of their items are high end and unusual; bits you can’t buy just anywhere such as the Tsunami 24 RDA by Geek Vape. Catch a sale or simply enjoy their generally fair pricing.

March 2019 UPDATE: This is really cool folks. Direct Vapor just emailed us to tell us that they are now carrying CBD juice! This is just fantastic! As of this update, the brands they are carrying include Koi, Blue Moon Hemp, Fresh Leaf and a lot of others. CLICK HERE to see their CBD selection now!

Official Website

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VapeWildVapeWild is a fantastic online vape store with exceptional e-liquids!

VapeWild is a leading producer of high-end and low-priced vape juices ranging from candy to beverage, desserts to fruits, and traditional tobacco and menthol flavors.

They are also well-known for their creativity with their monthly mystery flavors, and the vaping community loves to test and guess the flavor profile before the reveal (on the first of each month).  Click their logo to discover your new favorite all-day vape, or order the mystery flavor and see if you can identify it. (We talk more about some of their flavors here.)

That’s not the only reason why VapeWild makes our list. Another is that they are highly rated for their customer service. And, we can speak from our own experience that the associates are not only very responsive, but also a cheerful bunch. These folks are definitely worth your consideration.

Official Website

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Vapor DNA

VaporDNA categoriesSome stores are well organized and some are visually interesting, but this one is both.

Add a touch of style to your online vaping experience with this snappy site.

Oh, and they sell good products too such as dozens of e juice flavors and many brands organized so you can find them by featured labels, best sellers, or the type of e juice flavor you want like sweet, sour, or creamy.

They carry a load of beautiful gear such as a wide selection of drip tips.

Official Website

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MFSNorth Carolina is home to the original MyFreedomSmokes which is spreading on land the way their popularity has spread over the internet.

Find everything you want under one virtual roof including the tools and ingredients required to make homemade e juice, or just buy their home brew.

They have a very up to date stock of the latest products, and very competitive prices. The one slight con with their stock is that it runs out quickly sometimes, yet they are continually adding new products as fast or faster than they run out of the older ones.

Use promo code NEWMFS15 if you are a first time customer for 15% Off.

Official Website

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My Vapor Store

myvaporstore.comThis top store seems to have all I want every time including some eGo e cigs plus vape mods from 15 to 200+ watts. They carry the gear as well as accessories, all of it well organized to make your search for the right item as quick and easy as possible.

Pick out tanks according to their application, such as eGo or Sub Ohm. Alternatively, choose an item by the brand name.

My Vapor Store maintains competitive prices on a vast selection of items, usually in stock when you want them, and they participate in pre-order promotions.

With every mod, there is an option to build a bundle by adding suggested tanks and batteries, so you don’t have to wonder what part would work with which other e cig piece.

Like a lot of other companies, My Vapor Store is there to teach you about some of the technical aspects of vaping and give you insight into e cig jargon.

Official Website

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Vape NW

VapeNW.comI often turn to this store from Washington State because they have great selection and describe products well.

Their brands are generally the favorites such as Joyetech and SMOK. Website graphics are simple and visually appealing. The entire tone is light and easy to read.

MyFreedomSmokes often features some excellent sales, carries the newest equipment, but also caters to the new vaper with a small eGo.

Choose this company, sign up for the newsletter, and find out about the latest bargains, discounts, and promotions. Learn about vaping and equipment with this site by reading articles about e cigs and vaping.

Official Website

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Shop Confidently For Vaping Products

Everything from the lowly e cig to a 260W vape mod would be considered vapor products. Even established consumers with experience in this area sometimes have difficulty narrowing down their options when there are simply so many excellent mods, most of them getting good reviews. There are always pros and cons, though, and a few expert tips make shopping fun, not frustrating.

What Do You Want?

Firstly, there are so many vape mods because there are thousands of consumers. Who are you and what do you want with a vapor product? Is this your first product or an upgrade? As a new vaper, you should probably head to the eGo department. Although cigalikes have their advantages, they aren’t great value for money and eGos are easy to get used to.

You are making a transition to electronic vaping and away from smoking, so really cross the line; don’t keep one foot on the other side by continuing to operate a cigarette-like device. Besides, cigalikes cost a lot more to operate than eGos do and you aren’t really saving that much money.

Kanger Evod 2 ColorsStarting Out

An eGo is a cigar-sized electronic cigarette with a battery and a clearomizer.

The base is your cell and provides from 650mAh to 1300mAh of power which refers to the number of milliamp hours provided with every fresh charge, at least at the start, and that’s the advertised rate.

Many companies overstate the case, so just be aware of that. A small eGo should last about 6 to 8 hours on a charge.

The top part or clearomizer is removable and usually matches the base in some way. These are button-operated (manual), so you do have to get into a rhythm.

Matching Pieces

It’s not essential for pieces to look as though they fit together as long as threading is correct. That means they will screw together properly to establish full connectivity. Most items, however, are sold as part of a set with a clearomizer for e juice which was made specifically for this purpose. The main thing is that two parts are easy to use and you like them.

Aspire Maxi ClearomizerClearomizers

These are low-cost e juice reservoirs using regular or low-resistance coils.

There are disposable and refillable items; colorful and plain; and a number of covered ones with mere windows showing e juice level.

The benefit of a cover is that it protects a glass tube although clearomizers are often made from polycarbonate or plastic.

Choose the disposable item if you don’t like hassle which means spending more money, but get used to refilling with e juice to save money and it’s not that hard.

Set up your area ahead of time with a cloth to catch drips. Don’t buy polycarbonate or plastic if you like tank-cracking flavors; stick with glass.

ITaste SVD 2APVs

Several products take the ordinary eGo to another level by providing more than 1300mAh of battery power, or at least this much, plus wattage of 15W or more.

They can’t be regulated and are still operated in the same way as an eGo, which is fine, but you have to be aware that the resistance of your coil affects output.

Also, check the instructions carefully. Coil builds that are too low cause a protected device to remain in the “off” position until you choose a better heating element.

These can also create really hot, thick vapor. Prepare for inhalation to be quite warm and look after the system carefully by letting heat dissipate from the battery, cleaning the device, and replenishing battery power when it is getting low and before power runs out completely.

KBOX 120 WhiteUpgrades to High-watt, Regulated Devices

Eventually, a lot of vapers want to experiment with higher wattage and thicker vapor because they can, not because it’s an expectation. Be sure you’re ready; there’s no rush. No one gives out gold stars for being quickest to graduate from e cigs to box mods. This is a personal experience all the way along and you are already winning because you don’t smoke anymore.

The top tip here is to find out what the chipset inside a device does for you. Is it preventing a short circuit, reverse battery damage, and overheating? Not all of them do; nor does every mod adequately dissipate heat. An OLED screen is very helpful for allowing you to keep an eye on temperature, wattage, resistance, and the battery’s current charge rating.

Who are you vaping for? Image has nothing to do with this pastime; it’s about doing what feels right. Brand names, however, are important because the known brands supply safety chips that give vapers confidence.

With batteries you get two choices: built-in or removable. The built-in sort does away with moving parts and the potential for losing them, but recharging internally takes more time. With removable cells, you might get to it either way: remove or internally charge. Experts advise taking a cell or cells out anyway even if pass-through vaping is convenient.

SMOK OSUB Kit BlackPairing Mods with Tanks

By all means, choose your own tank/mod combo.

It might be helpful to refer to the vape store in order to find out recommended pairings or even to purchase devices with tanks as per the bundles they create.

These might even come with additional accessories like batteries and chargers. Their pairings are sensibly selected so that the tank and its pre-built coils are suitable for wattage limits or an RBA enlarges your choices.

It might come down to price or aesthetics in the end, but these services narrow down a list of 20 potential tanks to just 3 or 4.

LG HE4 18650 35 amp 2500mAhPairing Mods with the Right Batteries

The most important thing about batteries is to always splash out and buy good quality.

You are talking about a tiny investment, maybe $24 for a pair, but this could make a huge difference to the performance and safety of a mod.

Do you want to risk the unit blowing up?

At the very least there is the constant problem that cheap batteries don’t really last.

They have already been on the shelf for a long time, maybe at the wrong temperature, and their lives have already been cut in half even if they are completely safe.
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Top Online Vapor Stores Of 2019
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